Christmas crackers

Our 6th Primary Students made their own Christmas crackers right before the Christmas holiday. They had fun and, at the same time, learnt about British traditions.

Christmas Crackers are very popular and accompany many meals over the Christmas period, especially on Christmas Day. Crackers are often used to decorate individual place settings providing a colourful start to any celebration. A Christmas Cracker is a brightly coloured cardboard tube, twisted at both ends. A person pulls on each end of the cracker and when the cracker breaks, a snap goes “Pop” and the contents fall out.

Crackers contain a paper crown (made of tissue paper), a small gift and a joke written on a little piece of paper.

The traditional way to pull a cracker is crossing your arms and pulling a whole circle of crackers around the table. Everyone holds their cracker in their right hand and pulls their neighbours cracker with the free left hand.

enero 23, 2019