English Breakfast

A feeling of anticipation was sensed this week as the Secondary and Baccalaureate students rushed to take part in our annual English Breakfast celebration.


Starting with the best breakfast display contest, where Luli and Sara our amazing cooks decided on the winning display, followed by the traditional “Changing of the Guard” and closing with performances by singers such as Wham, Rick Astley, Adele… all our students enjoyed a lively atmosphere. Features like our “Pancake Corner” and 80´s background music were the delight of not only our present students but also ex-students who can´t miss out on moments like this.


Coming right after was a festival with the well-known storyteller Laura Escuela, who told us stories both in English and in Spanish. Her exquisite sense of imagination captured our mind and wrapped us around fantasyland but this wasn´t it. Two great theatre performances “A Midsummer Night´s Dream” by our 3rd Eso and “The Importance of being Earnest” by our 1st Baccalaureate students were acted out for everybody´s enjoyment.

Great ending for our Cultural Week.

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abril 26, 2017