Halloween Day Celebration

Crows, witches, clowns, tombs and The Circus of Horrors were the Halloween centrepiece of this year´s celebration.

All the students got to live the thrill of being spooked thanks to the tickets that the Ghostbusters handed in every class while chasing the school ghost. Once in the circus, screams and cries could be heard before and after the visit leaving some breathless, including parents.

In order to mild down the fear, the film `Coco´ was watched in class while the students could enjoy eating their pop-corn. Last but not least, the Kindergarten teachers threw an unforgettable party, in which parents could see little ghosts singing Halloween songs. The party came to an end with the traditional Trick or Treat and the proud faces of both parents and teachers.

Thanks to the school community for making such celebration be, once again, a day to remember.

noviembre 13, 2019