Oscar’s Ceremony

On Friday May14th the most awaited Oscar´s Ceremony was held in the Smart Zone by the 1st Baccalaureate, 3rd ESO and 4th ESO students who became stars for a day.

After working on the «The Book Thief», «The Call of the Wild» and «Wander» Reading Projects in class all of the teams had to record a trailer showing their favourite scenes in under 5 minutes. The projects were wrapped up in an unexpected celebration with all the nominees walking on the red carpet at the school entrance. The best poses were struck in front ot the school photo call followed by the viewing of all of the trailers while eating pop-corn. Among the awards were «Best Actor», «Best Actress», «Best script»,​ «Best Dramatic Scene» and «Best Trailer».

Be our guests and do have a seat to get a vibe of what the event was like.

Congratulations to all of the nominees, specially the winning teams!

julio 2, 2021