Pen-Pal Project with Italy

Classes 5A and 5B have embarked on the exciting adventure of befriending a student from a school in Italy. Each student from Fifth Primary will have an Italian penfriend and will connect with them through email throughout the school year. The language of connection, of course, will be English, and they will tell each other about their lives: their families, interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes, etc. Photos and videos will be sent to and fro, to forge some interesting, and hopefully, long-lasting relationships. Who knows, they might make friends forever… or even best friends forever!

The project has been designed with the aim of practising English in a real-world setting, as well as to enrich our students’ vision of the different peoples and cultures that surround us. The technology available to us nowadays has become a very practical tool that we should make the most of, and the digital natives that our students are, we believe this project will prove to be the perfect choice in engaging them and even allowing for creativity and maturity. In effect, for personal growth.

Below, is an introductory video of both groups, showing their new Italian friends how excited they are about this project. We are all so expectant and cannot wait for it to really kick off! The whole experience is going to be so much fun!

noviembre 23, 2021