Project Management for Business and Life

Within the IX Hispano Británico Cultural Week, the students of first of Baccalaureate have been able to count with the presence of Enrique Dopico Torrón, Fred.Olsen’s naval engineer.

The talk, named “Project Management for Business and Life”, showed our students how to plan the way to any goal they might set in their lives successfully, from daily school organization to a NASA project to get to the moon. Enrique showed them the steps to follow and how important it is for them not to rush through in order to accomplish anything they will target.

He took his own job to exemplify how to be able to set and divide a task into different phases such as organization, time-management, budgets and goal supervision are vital for success, but also how working with and listening to the more experienced ones is crucial.

To finish the talk Enrique shared his key element in life, motivation. He asked them to choose meaningful goals that, even through rough times, will drive them to pursue what they aimed for.

abril 6, 2022