Socratic Seminar

4th ESO participated in their first Socratic Seminar last week! After prepping for this event for an entire week, we had the chance to sit in small groups and discuss a concerning phenomenon that is occurring: climate change.

Initially, the topic didn’t strike us as interesting but, after reading a news article that described what Earth would look like by the year 2030, we realized the significance of the situation. We spent a couple of days researching climate change and looking into this alarming situation by focusing on six different types of socratic questions. Finally, the day of our event arrived and we each spent time inside the “fishbowl” discussing the issue at present with the purpose of brainstorming ideas. Our fellow classmates observed and recorded our content, conversational skills, body language, eye contact, etc.

To conclude our time spent on climate change, our students were challenged to take one photograph that representes the situation or what they are doing about it. Each class came up with their own hashtag and set up a photography exhibition as an incentive for their fellow schoolmates to join our cause. Come and see!

diciembre 4, 2018