Technology: towards intelligent use of the double-edged sword

“Technology: towards intelligent use of the double-edged sword” was the title of the very engaging talk given by Mr. Michael Brand. Different aspects of the use of technology that affect us were discussed: What do we use mobile phones for? What are the downsides of using smartphones? Are we too attached to them?

Our students were quite critical and perfectly aware of the addiction smartphones represent and the harm they can create. They discussed some of the consequences stemming from the use of these devices, and these were: sleep deprivation produced by blue light, negative impact on our health which can even lead to depression, lack of communication with family and friends, misinformation if we accept all sources as trustworthy, and even the danger of being scammed if not used carefully.

Tips on how to modulate usage and regain control over devices were offered, which range from consciously weaning ourselves off compulsive smartphone and social media habits by setting time slots to use them, to establishing specific no-mobile spaces at home or even leaving all mobiles in the middle of the table whilst having dinner and then, the first one who picks the device pays for the meal.

Our pupils proved, once more, that they are sensible and reliable. We are so proud of them!

abril 18, 2022