The connection between the Canary Islands and EEUU. Carlos Cólogan

On Wednesday 25th, our school received the visit of the multifaceted engineer, scholar and historian D. Carlos Cólogan Soriano, who gave a lecture on his recently published book Un Corsario al servicio de Benjamin Franklin. Previous to this visit students of 4th Eso had been doing extensive research on the American Independence and the importance of the Founding Fathers of the thirteen states of North America. In a bilingual project led by the teachers Fabio Correa and María Jesús Llarena, the students had discovered the unknown and stunning links that connect the Canary Islands through the historical figures of Benjamin Franklin and Robert Morris, among others, who had regular epistolar interchange with Carlos’s ancestor D. Tomás Cólogan in the 18th Century.


Carlos explained how every historical connection between the Canary Islands and the financing of the American Independence is still to be researched on, and delighted the students with all the importance and protagonism the Canary Islands had on such an enterprise. How? through the commerce of wine. At that time the Canaries exported big pipes of wine from the north of Tenerife through Madeira and, with the successful management of Franklin and Morris were sold in Philadelphia and all throughout New England. In fact, we can almost confirm the fact that the toast on that historical day of 1776 was made with that “wine from Madeira,” which was likely to be wine from our valley of la Orotava.

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marzo 26, 2015