You’ve got (Christmas) Mail!

As the students move about their daily school routine, they meet and speak to various people around their school: friends, classmates, teachers, and other school staff.

At school, we decided to give them an opportunity to STOP for a moment and write a card spreading a kind word of thanks and a wish for a joyful Christmas to all these, sometimes unappreciated, special people, who help the school function the way it does, as well as to their friends and teachers, who encourage them when they are feeling down, and who motivate them to do their best and shine.

For this, we fashioned some post-boxes and hired 4 agents from a SECRET POSTAL SERVICE: Maverick, Kevin, Edward and Rachel, all the way from the North Pole, to help deliver the mail of Christmas cheer, every week this month.

When the activity was explained, the students got down to writing their Christmas cards. “I’m going to write to my best friend”, was the first thought in most of the students’ minds. Then, they thought, “Oh, my teacher is pretty cool, and is always so kind, I think she needs to hear something nice.”. The next thought was, “The director is such a nice man, he always greets me with a kind word, and he even knows my name!” And the list kept growing…And the post-boxes kept filling up and being emptied out, until…

Out of nowhere, two postal service agents turned up to deliver the cards. Kevin and Maverick, with their incessant chatter, completely baffled by the load of Christmas mail that kept increasing by the minute, and stressed out, thinking that they wouldn’t be able to deliver all of it on time. And Rachel and Edward, both newbies at the job and a little lost at first, but who soon got the hang of their chore, and then, delivered a load of cards in a breeze!

Below, you will find some moments of the fun and frenzy that were captured on camera. A big hand for these four super helpers. Wonderful work, fellas! Until next year!

diciembre 22, 2021